Art of Memory Coaching - testimonials

'Thank you for introducing me to the Art of Memory. Last week at school I had to remember 70 medical terminology words and their meanings. I associated the prefix/ suffix or combining term of a word and body regions with something that reminds me of the meaning. I got 70/70. I can't wait to learn the rest of the techniques.'

Student 16yrs

'Thanks for all your help with my daughter, she really enjoyed learning all the techniques and it has given her a lot more confidence with her learning. I was impressed with how quickly and easily she can remember things now.'
Mother of Primary school student
'Student K (diagnosed with FASD), was able to remember the list of 10 words that Greg gave her three weeks after they met.
Typically, K struggles to remember word lists from the previous day.'
Primary Teacher, Katherine, NT
'We learnt half the Periodic Table in two sessions. I didn't imagine that it could be that much fun and Greg made it interesting.
I can still remember them after three months.'
Student - 11yrs old 
'I think it is very important to mention there are many secondary benefits for a wide range of students using the memory methods.
It engages the disengaged, boosts self-esteem and opens up the students that would normally be withdrawn.'
Primary Teacher, Darwin, NT
'I can also report that another two students who have been stuck at one level of words have now moved up two levels. This has also impacted on their reading levels so they have moved up in this area as well.
These students are buzzing with excitement, as are their parents.'
Primary Teacher, Darwin, NT
'I wanted to learn all the states of America for school. Lisa said we could learn the capitals as well. I didn't think I could do it, but Lisa showed me how. I could remember all the states and capitals after just two hours, and still do. It was fun.'
Student - 14yrs old
Athena Owl