AoM Coaching Software

The intent of each of these programs is to assist students of the Art of Memory to become proficient in each of these individual techniques.

All of the programs can be individualised to accomodate your images.

Both the Numbers and Cards programs have graphs to visually track your progress in speed of recalling your images.


Once you have learnt to recall images for all numbers, there is a 'secret section' that allows you to train to memory completion levels of speed. This is also available within the Card program.

Please contact Greg if you are interested in purchasing a program.

Below are screen shots of our current software.

Mastering the Major System
Mastering the Major System

The first stage of learning numbers in this program is to set your own images. This is done in the 'Create' section. 

Numbers are learnt in sets of 10 in the 'Learn' section. Each set has their own training page.

As you master the complete set of images/numbers, your recall of numbers can tested in the 'All Numbers' section. Your progress is tracked visually in the graphs.

Major System software
Learning how to memorise a deck of cards
Learning cards

As with Numbers, the first stage of learning cards in this program is setting your own images. This is done in the Image Master Section. 

Cards are learnt by their suit with each suit having their own training page.

A random set of 14 cards from the pack can be tested in the 'all suits' section. 


Graphs of individual suit progress is shown on each page as well as on the 'Graph' page where individual and combined suit results are shown.

Learning cards
Improving card recall speed

The 'secret section' of the program is to assist students of the Art of Memory to really push the limits of what they thought they could do!

Learning cards
How to use the Art of Memory to remember math formulas
Learning Formulas

This program is an introduction to using imagery to learn mathematical formulas. A limited number of formulas are presented to demonstrate and practice using this technique.

Learning Formulas