The Art of Memory - techniques

The art of memory is for everyone; regardless of age, educational background or ability.

Techniques used in the art of memory include:

  • Link method

  • Peg method

  • Journey method

  • Keyword association / substitute word method

  • Major system 

  • Person/ Action/ Object

The Link method

The Link method can be used to memorise any type of reading material: technical articles, poems, lyrics, and stories, and is great for memorising lists.

The Peg method

The Peg method assists in memorising information in sequence. There are a number of types of Peg systems, including Number-Rhyme pegs and Concrete Pegs (such as body locations).

The Journey method (or Method of Loci or Memory Palace)

This memory technique links information to routes or locations you already know. The locations can be anywhere: your lounge room, your house, a path you walk, the local shopping centre, or somewhere you have visited. The Journey Method is possibly the oldest memory system.

The Keyword Association or Substitute Word method

The keyword or assiciation method can be useful in memorising definitions and foreign vocabulary.  It can be used alone or in combination with the other memory systems.

The Major system

The Major System is used to memorise numbers; for example, dates, bank account details or phone numbers. The Phonetic-Number ‘conversion table’ must be memorised in advance; however, the the same table is used each time. 

The Person/ Action/ Object system

The Person/Action/Object system or PAO method can be used to remember the order of playing cards. As with the Major system, a ‘code’ must first be mastered to make this method effective.

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