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Greg Wills

BAppSci. (Occupational Therapy)

Master of Health Science

Memory Coach

Memory Athlete

Greg is an Educational Occupational Therapist with over 20 years experience working with children in the education system. Research on students in preschool for his Masters thesis highlighted the importance of memory to a child's academic potential.

Identifying memory difficulties in students with learning difficulties and developing strategies with the child's teacher and parents to support the child in their learning is only part of the solution.

The techniques of the Art of Memory have so much more to offer.

Lisa McColl

BA (Hons 1), PhD

Memory Coach


Lisa has a PhD in Humanities, a Diploma in Counselling and Diploma in Publishing.  She, too, is passionate about the art of memory and wishes she had known about the techniques earlier in her academic life; for herself and the students she tutored.


Lisa's personal experience of head injury also provides her with the drive to share these techniques with others who experience memory difficulties.

In 2015, Greg established a partnership with Daniel Kilov, Australian memory athlete, who is equally committed to re-introducing memory techniques into classrooms.


Greg, Daniel and Lisa launched a project with teachers in Darwin in August 2015, as reported by Sherryn Groch in the Age newspaper newspaper in February 2016.

Greg competed in the 13th Australian Open Memory Championship held in Melbourne on 19 and 20 November 2016 achieving the Australian Senior Memory Champion title. 


Greg also competed in the International Association of Memory (IAM) competition held at Melbourne in November 2017.


The memory athletes who compete in these events around the world demonstrate amazing feats and show what can be achieved when using these techniques. Their true value however lies in their application in educational settings.

Imagination and creativity will take you on a learning adventure.

Art of Memory Coaching

Brisbane, Australia

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