Services we offer

The services we currently offer are:
  • Training in memory techniques

  • Individualised memory coaching

  • Assessment of memory skills

  • Software to assist in learning the Major System

Services can be tailored to suit individual needs.

Coaching in the art of memory – for schools and the community

Professional development is offered to schools to provide teachers, classroom assistants and parents with information regarding memory and memory techniques in the classroom. These sessions give insight into the role of memory in learning and how the art of memory can be applied to teaching. Practical sessions throughout the workshop will demonstrate that the techniques are for everyone and they can be applied immediately.


For example, memory coaching could be offered to students as part of a school’s ‘Elective' or 'After School' program. Students could participate in regular sessions over a number of weeks to learn the techniques and how to apply them to different learning situations or subjects, adapting them to their unique learning needs.

These sessions are available to and suitable for community groups.

Individual or group coaching

Coaching in the art of memory for Individual or group training. Training will be tailored to suit the learning need of people involved.


Included in the training is:

  • Learning the techniques

  • Exercises and practice to apply the techniques to meet individual needs and selecting those most suitable to the subject matter

  • Support to extend skills

  • Follow-up sessions.

Assessment of memory

  • Assessment of memory skills using standardised assessments is available.

  • Verbal working memory, visual working memory and processing speed play important roles in learning.

  • Understanding strengths and difficulties in these areas can assist students, parents and teachers to support students in the most appropriate manner.

To master the art of memory, as with any skill, the more you practice, the easier it becomes; and you will then possess the tools for success!

Art of Memory Coaching

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