In 2015, Greg initiated a project with Daniel Kilov, fellow Australian memory athlete. A three-day memory workshop was conducted in Darwin with a select group of teachers. The workshop, attended by Greg, Lisa and nine Darwin teachers, was a resounding success and inspired the Darwin 'Art of Memory pilot project', as reported in the Age newspaper.  

Projects that integrated the Art of Memory into teaching were conducted at:

  1. The King David School (TKDS), Melbourne.

  2. Charles Darwin University (CDU), Darwin.

  3. The formation of a 'Memory Club' for students at a Sunshine Coast Primary School.

We are actively seeking other schools who are interested in trialing these techniques and working with us to improve individual outcomes for students and contributing to the growing body of research about the benefits of applying memory techniques to learning. We anticipate that the findings will support other international studies referred to in our Evidence section.

Greg has developed software programs that will assist students to master the art. To date we have:

  • Numbers - to assist in learning the Major System

  • Cards - for memorising cards

  • Math Formulas - an introduction into using memory techniques to learn formulas

  • Speed training for competition - for advanced users of the Major System program, to increase speed of recall.