Are you a student who has difficulty learning the traditional way?

Do you want to obtain techniques that will enhance learning at any age?

 And to make learning expeditious, interesting, fun and creative?

Do you want to speak a foreign language, but don’t think you can?

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Then the art of memory is for you!

How can training in the art of memory assist you?

These techniques will:

  • Improve your ability to learn

  • Increase the efficiency of your learning

  • Enhance recall of information

  • Make learning creative and fun.

Who can benefit from learning the art of memory?

Everyone can benefit from these techniques, such as primary or secondary school students who are struggling; high achieving pupils who want to enhance their learning; university students and academics; or people who want to learn just for fun.

How are they taught?

The techniques can be taught in one-on-one sessions or in a small group setting.

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Is there any proof that these techniques work?

Although some of these techniques are over 2,500 years old, they have stood the test of time, as evidenced in contemporary research. Several studies have been conducted that demonstrate the value of these techniques over traditional learning methods.

(We refer to some of this research in our Present section.)


Although these ancient techniques have not been practiced in education for hundreds of years, they can and should be revived in the modern world.

Making learning memorable.